What is NFC technology?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless communication technology that allows two devices to exchange information when they are very close to each other, less than a few centimeters apart. It works through magnetic induction and can be used for many applications such as mobile phone payment, secure access to buildings, small file transfer and easier connection to other wireless devices. NFC is now built into many mobile phones and is used for various applications such as mobile phone payment and automatic connection to other devices and services.

Τι είναι η τεχνολογία NFC

NFC smart-tap

NFC smart-tap business cards store information that can be shared with other compatible devices with a simple tap. The information includes business details such as addresses, telephone numbers and websites. NFC smart-tap business cards are equipped with a small NFC chip that contains the information we want. When we tap this card on a compatible device such as a smartphone, the information is automatically transferred to the device, displaying the business details we have selected.