What is smart-tap technology?

Smart-tap leverages a technology that is already part of your everyday life, even if you don't know it. Either with your gym card or your phone to pay! smart-tap has created a premium software that expands your networking capabilities. By simply tapping the Smart-tap card on any Apple or Android operating system phone, you instantly share a unique link to the information you choose to share.

Ψηφιακη επαγγελματικη καρτα

Digital business card


Choose the simple contact card that effortlessly transfers your information to users' phones, your contact information is easily accessible, eliminating the need for manual data entry or outdated paper card methods

Kοινωνικη δικτυωση με την smart-tap

Social networking

Social Networks

Speed ​​up your social networking with the Social network Card. Tailored for professions where social media presence is vital. Add a huge range of social networks like facebook, X(twitter), youtube, tik-tok, viber, spotify, tripadvisor, WeChat, email and many more contact details.

Google & Iphone Wallet


Google & iPhone Wallet

Smart-Tap highlights the innovative possibility of communication through your mobile phone by integrating your business card with Google Wallet and Apple Wallet. This means you can share your details and keep in touch with ease, even when you don't have your physical NFC card.

Google & Iphone Wallet in smartwatches


Google & iPhone Wallet

With the Smart-Tap card, convenience meets technology in the most exciting combination. Now, you can add your card to Google or Apple Wallet and share the information you want with a simple scan. And the best; By connecting the Smart-Tap card to your Smartwatch, access to important information becomes even simpler and more convenient. So convenience and technology come together to give you the best user experience, even without your physical card or even your phone.

Email signature saving contact details


Email signature

Create an impressive email signature with Smart-Tap! Add your unique NFC link to your signature and give your email recipients the ability to save your card with a simple click. The ease of your communication is now at your fingertips!

Google Review card

positive Google reviews

Google Review card

With the help of this card, customers can rate your business with a simple tap of the phone on the card. This card stores a direct link that takes your customers to your business's Google rating page, making rating an easy process. In this way, businesses can collect positive reviews from their customers, improving their online presence.


Easy profile change


The smart-tap application has excellent flexibility and a user-friendly interface. With the ability to create multiple profiles for any business or purpose. Update information in real time and quickly switch between your profiles to modify what appears on your card.


Multiple profiles


The exhibition your company was participating in has ended! Time for a leisurely dinner. Easily customize the smart-tap app to share the content most suitable for a relaxed atmosphere.

NFC Ταυτότητα κατοικιδιου

Pet safety

Pet ID

Do you care about your pet's safety? Smart-Tap emphasizes safety for pet parents. In the event that your pet goes missing, anyone can easily find important information such as the owner's name, vet and even the address. With Smart-Tap, safety is always top of mind