NFC GuardianBand / Business Card
NFC GuardianBand / Business Card
NFC GuardianBand / Business Card
NFC GuardianBand / Business Card


NFC GuardianBand / Business Card

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NFC GuardianBand / Business Card


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Introducing our new product, the NFC wristband " GuardianBand ."
The GuardianBand is a flexible and versatile wristband, designed to provide safety and convenience in many everyday situations:

Protection for children: GuardianBand is ideal for the safety of your children. By wearing the wristband, you can get notified immediately if your child gets lost in the crowd.

Support for seniors: For seniors experiencing health issues, the GuardianBand facilitates instant communication with doctors or other health care providers.

Safety for cyclists: For cyclists, the wristband provides instant communication in the event of an accident, helping to provide rapid assistance.

Business NFC Card: In addition, the GuardianBand also works as a business NFC card, offering the ability to store important information such as contact information, personal data. GuardianBand connects to the NFC link, offering a simple way for recipients to access custom information or links of your choosing. The combined NFC capability and provides you with a tool that stands out in any business environment, enhancing your business communication and visibility.

On the gurdianband you can print the NFC badge and a few words like "Tap me for emergency" or "Information for me" etc.
GuardianBand is the ultimate solution for the coexistence of safety, convenience and practicality in your daily life. Don't leave anything to chance - bring the GuardianBand with you, and enjoy the feeling of security and ease in your every action.