NCF Google Review Card (PVC) (Smart-Tap Logo)
NCF Google Review Card (PVC) (Smart-Tap Logo)
NCF Google Review Card (PVC) (Smart-Tap Logo)
NCF Google Review Card (PVC) (Smart-Tap Logo)
NCF Google Review Card (PVC) (Smart-Tap Logo)
NCF Google Review Card (PVC) (Smart-Tap Logo)
NCF Google Review Card (PVC) (Smart-Tap Logo)
NCF Google Review Card (PVC) (Smart-Tap Logo)


NCF Google Review Card (PVC) (Smart-Tap Logo)

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Upon completion of the order you will receive two emails.

  • 1st email: The confirmation of your order.
  • 2nd email: Takes you to a questionnaire with instructions on how to send us the necessary material, such as links for Google reviews, social media, TripAdvisor, and your logo for products that require it.

Our experienced design team will then create the design, which will be sent to you for approval, if required.

Offer:1 x Google Cards (1 Link)
Pickup available at Smart-tap Usually ready in 2-4 days

NCF Google Review Card (PVC) (Smart-Tap Logo)

1 x Google Cards (1 Link) / Colored


Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

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Smart-Tap Review Card: Empowering Businesses with Google Reviews

The Smart-Tap Review card is an exclusive tool that allows business owners to facilitate their customers in reviewing their business on Google. With this card, customers can easily rate their experience with a simple tap of their mobile phones on the card. The card stores a direct link that guides customers to your business's Google review page, making the review process hassle-free. In this way, entrepreneurs can gather positive reviews from their customers, enhancing their online presence. Overall, the Smart-Review card is a powerful tool for the growth and success of your business.

How it works:

Ask your customer if they are willing to leave a positive review.
Present your Smart-Tap card.
Place your Smart-Tap card on your customer's phone.
Your Google review page will open.
Your customer leaves a positive review.
Congratulations! You've just earned a positive review!

**Smart-tap is not affiliated with Google in any way. Our cards are valuable tools to improve your results and simplify the process for customers to leave reviews on this platform."

The solution for Google reviews

With the help of smart-tap product google reviews , customers can rate your business with a simple tap of the phone. The product has NFC technology and can store a direct link that takes your customers to your business's Google rating page, making rating an easy process. In this way, businesses can collect positive reviews from their customers, improving their online presence.

Google Review Products

Google Review products from smart-tap : The easy and fast solution for reviews

Google reviews are a valuable way for business owners to improve their reputation and attract new customers. However, collecting ratings can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

Google Review Products from smart-tap make collecting reviews easier and faster. Our products contain a link to review the business. When a customer swipes their phone past the smart-tap product, a Google review page will open. The customer can rate the business with stars and leave a comment.
Google Review Products from smart-tap is a great solution for all businesses. It's an easy and effective way to collect reviews and improve your business reputation.

Advantages of Google Review products from smart-tap:
- They are easy to use. The business owner can pick them up and use them right away.
- They are effective. Google Review Smart-taps can help businesses collect more reviews.
- They are affordable. All products have affordable prices.

If you want to make collecting reviews easier and faster, Google Review products from smart-tap are the perfect solution for you.

Frequent questions

We often hear the question: " Can I see my design before buying? "
If you have chosen a product with your logo printed on it then you should know that no preview program can compete with our own graphic designers. We are committed to ensuring that your design, combined with our products, is unrivaled in the market.
Our process is simple: Once you've selected and purchased your products, we'll email you a design questionnaire to complete. Our experienced design team will then create a stunning design that will be sent to you for approval.
Feel free to request as many changes as you need until you are completely satisfied.
Alternatively, if you have your own design team, they are welcome to follow our clear and easy-to-use design guidelines here . At smart-tap, everything revolves around simplicity, quality and your satisfaction.

  • Sign in to your Google business profile.
  • Look for your business in Google search and click on the link that says the number of reviews you have.
  • Select the "Get more reviews" button.

    This is the link to your Google reviews!

We advise you to keep the back of your cards free, as this area is reserved for a QR-Code that is linked directly to your smart-tap digital profile.

We are proud that our company produces, designs
and manufactures all our cards in-house. This means that our delivery time is 1-2 days , depending on the size of the order.
In most cases, we aim to dispatch your order the next working day after you approve the digital sample.

  • It is simple and easy to use. The user just needs to touch the card with the smartphone and they will automatically be on the Google rating page of your business.
  • It improves the presence of your business on the internet. Reviews are an important factor for consumers when deciding where to make a purchase. Google Review Card smart-tap helps you collect more reviews, which can lead to increased sales.
  • Improves customer confidence. Positive reviews can help build trust between your business and your customers. This can lead to repeat purchases and referrals.
  • She is efficient. Customers who tap the card are more likely to leave a review for your business.
  • It is customizable. You can add your logo, contact information and other information to the card.
  • It is available in various colors and styles. You can choose a card that suits the style of your business.

The smart-tap Google Review Card and Google Review Table Talker is an effective tool that can help businesses improve their online presence and increase sales.